• Margaret Barnaby Margaret Barnaby The Embrace of Mauna Loa
  • Sarah Soward Sarah Soward Tower of Power, 12" X 36", Oil on Canvas
  • Sue Kobzev Sue Kobzev Madeline on Lahala, 68" X 44", Pastel-Charcoal
  • Roz Marshall Roz Marshall Lascaux
  • Lynn Capell Lynn Capell
  • Connie Firestone Connie Firestone From the Guardian Series
  • Jodi Fuchs Jodi Fuchs
  • David Carlin David Carlin Lady With Cheetah, Royal Boxwood and Semi-Precious Stones
  • Karen Spachner Karen Spachner
  • Michael Worcester Michael Worcester
  • Henry Dallal Henry Dallal Serenity
  • Patrick Rankin Patrick Rankin
  • David Dale David Dale
  • Michael Paravano Michael Paravano Waipio Tears
  • Stephanie Lisa Stephanie Lisa
  • Pam Andelin Pam Andelin Hapuna Beach
  • Honey Liston Honey Liston
  • Heather Mettler Heather Mettler
  • Antiquities Antiquities

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Roz Marshall
4/16 – 4/30
Connie Firestone
4/30 – 5/13